The woman that can't be summed up in categories. Mere words or interests or desires cannot define her nor complete her as she is a universe inside a body. She is an inherent contradiction, with conflicting desires, the ability to both love and fight, to break and crumble, to put herself back together, and the ability to both lead and follow.

Humans are rarely only one type or one thing. With Moon, we acknowledge the depth and complexity that make up our daily lives, both inside ourselves and out. With intention and love, Moon is a community, a magazine that offers thoughtful essays about our inside and outside worlds, food and drink recipes that anyone can recreate, heartfelt poetry, empowering beauty how-tos, romantic fashion spreads, travel, politics, yoga, and so much more. Moon is about you and your wild, complicated, and beautiful real life.


Moon is a journal for the wild and complicated woman.